GKG Product Review – CAB Foods Gluten Free Muffin Premix

I was so excited to learn there is a new Gluten Free baking range available in store, not only for my own benefit, but for Xander and Zara too. We don’t follow a strict gluten free diet as a family, but try to make healthier choices where we can. CAB Foods recently introduced a new range that include a muffin, cake and bread roll premix. With muffins being such a regular lunchbox item in our house, I decided to try it first-hand!

Super easy to make, you only add butter and eggs, that is it! Zara selected herself as my kitchen sidekick and we had such a great time together making these muffins. The batter is smooth and easy to mix and to jazz things up a bit, we added a few chocolate chips for taste. We poured the mixture in the cutest little muffin holders that we also got from CAB Foods. Perfect for on the road, so we are definitely packing a few for our next Great Kids Getaway this weekend!

The muffins really taste amazing – moist and full of flavour! There was no way I can even tell the difference between these and normal muffins containing gluten. They are very well priced, in comparison to other brands and undoubtedly an option if you want to reduce allergies and opt for more of a tummy tamer!

For more information, visit their website below.

Website: http://www.cabfoods.co.za/


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