#21 – Doringlaagte, Montagu

August 2019

We’ve taken a small break from the getaways after I started a new job, so we have really been looking forward to getting back into the swing of things and trying new kids friendly holiday spots. One that has been on our list for a very long time was Doringlaagte, situated only 3 kilometers outside of Montagu.

The Resort has 10 spacious self-catering chalets on the border of a dam, and a variety of camping plots for the families with tents and caravans. We have spent the last 12 months really building on our camping gear, so you will be seeing more camping trips from us in the future! The kids love it and always make so many stunning memories with the new friends they make at the resorts.

Doringlaagte is very neat, and really caters well for kids. They have swimming pools, a fenced in play park with tortoises, boating and fishing areas, 4×4 routes, golf course, hiking, mountain biking and a swimming dam with canoes and water slides. One of the main dams were empty, but the resort kids really had a ball of the time with their bikes, using the grounds as rough MBT area! For the adults, there is also a lovely beach pool bar with heated pool, serving delicious wood fire pizzas and tasty cocktails. They also offer hot tubs for private use, that you can rent to enjoy on your plot. What a treat!

We had a great time at this resort. All round safe and very neat, decently priced and not too far of a drive from Cape Town. Definitely a spot we will return to in the near future. Just beware of the ‘pen dorings’, hence the name Doringlaagte, as they are scattered here and there which can hurt a little bare foot.

For more information, visit:

072 021 9069




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