GKG Product Review – BRUSH Salon

When my first child was born, it used to be a lot of fun taking him to a kids hair salon. But since then, the novelty has somewhat worn off for me, especially now that I have two little rascals running around!  It is for this reason that I have lately been on the lookout for a great salon, that is both great with kids, but also really meet the standards I have set when I must take a seat myself. A trip to a salon can be an expensive one, therefore if you are anything like me, you want all your boxes ticked, to get value for money and look like a princess afterwards. I was introduced to BRUSH by my sister-in-law Suzanne, somebody that always looks like a million bucks, so of course I agreed to give them a try. Xander was also due for a haircut, therefore I decided to tag him along.

The salon is conveniently situated close to my home, at Tygerwaterfront in the Northern Suburbs of Cape Town. It is run by Salome Zietsman, a beautiful lady that is not only an immensely talented hair dresser, but probably the best hair stylist I have ever met. A combination that is truly scarce these days. Her team consists of a group of enthusiastic hair professionals, that make it their mission to spoil and transform you. They carefully listen to your ideas and requests, whilst giving honest and informative feedback to ensure the best possible outcome. Another rare find for me, is a blow-dry champion. I have heard it all and received a lot of promises in the past, and still sometimes end up finishing the job myself at home. This really infuriates me! I have curly and frizzy hair and have realised over the years that when I find a blow-dry champion I must stick with them! If you share the same sentiment, write down these two names: Lenacia and Lee-Anne. It’s a pleasure!

Xander had an absolute blast! He was treated like a little prince and entertained by comic conversation and little toys by a bubbly lady called Janelle. His snip was quick an easy, which was such a relief. I have finally found my one-stop-shop, a place I can visit with or without my kids. So, there I was, with my list of boxes to be ticked, and here they are:

  • Waiting period very flexible – will always try and accommodate you
  • Very friendly and experienced staff
  • Wonderful with kids
  • Amazing head massage at the basin (yes, this is a box for me!)
  • Great refreshments that make you feel spoilt
  • Quality products used in store on available to buy
  • Reasonable prices and value for money

At the end of my visit, I realised what makes BRUSH so different from other salons. They don’t offer a service, they offer an experience. Something that goes beyond all the boxes you want ticked. It’s the feeling you have whilst you are treated like royalty during your visit and the indescribable confidence you get when you walk out the doors!

Website: https://www.facebook.com/tygerbrush/
Contact: 021 914 1179


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